Course material

Believe me, you only have to make a little effort to become a dream woman and attract suitable men. You see, there is a certain female behaviour pattern men just can’t resist.


This course is based on their instructions and

investigates the following:
  • What do men notice when they look at you?

  • What do you have to do to encourage him to approach you?

  • What sort of female behaviour inspires him to make a move?

  • How can you impress him on the first date and make him fall head over heels for you?

  • How can you start and steer a relationship to become the woman of his dreams?

  • If you have rivals, how can you still win him?

  • What are the sure and unmistakeable signs of his interest at the start of the relationship and later?

  • How can you make him spoil you and pamper you instead of offering sweet words only?

  • What factors affect his commitment to a serious relationship with you?